Christmas 2017

We love Christmas because we love celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Come along and join the celebrations at any of our family friendly Christmas events!

On Christmas Eve (a Sunday) all our usual Sunday meetings are on – 9am Church, 10:30 Church, and NightChurch at 6pm. Also on Christmas Eve we have a special Kids and Family Celebration at 4pm. If you’ve got primary aged kids or grandkids, come along and hear the Christmas story and have a lot of fun at the same time.

On Christmas morning we’re celebrating the birth of Jesus at 9am. This is for our whole church family, but of course anyone else who wants to join us is welcome!

This Christmas we’ll be reading from John’s gospel. Christmas can mean all sorts of things to different people. Family. Food. Presents. Holidays. But what are the original reasons for the season? In our short series we’ll be investigating what Jesus himself says about why he was born and therefore what Christmas is really all about.

December 17th – The Coming of a king – John 18.28-40
December 24th – The Coming of a life-giver – John 10.1-10
Christmas Day – The Coming of a saviour – John 3.17