Acts 22.23-25.12 – The Unstoppable Risen Christ

Bible passage: Acts 22.23-25.12
Speaker: Bryson
Series: Acts: Mission Minded


A reassuring promise

1.0 The build up to the promise (Acts 22.23-23.10)

2.0 The making of the promise (Acts 23.11)

3.0 The keeping of the promise (Acts 23.12-25.12)

4.0 The encouragement of the promise

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1st Peter 4.12-5.14 – New Hope

Bible passage: 1st Peter 4.12-5.14
Speaker: Tristan
Series: 1st Peter: Stand Firm in Grace


How to stand firm…

 a) Remember your hope (1st Peter 4.12-19)

 b) Remember your help (1st Peter 5.1-5)

 c) Remember your humility (1st Peter 5.6-9)

 d) Remember God himself (1st Peter 5.10-11)

…and stand firm (1st Peter 5.12-14)