Titus 1 – Godly Church

Bible passage: Titus 1
Speaker: Tristan
Series: Titus: How to be Godly


Fort Knox

1. Protected by (Titus 1.5-8)

2. Protected for (Titus 1.9)

3. Protected from (Titus 1.10-16)

Haggai 2.1-9 – Rebuilt Blessing

Bible passage: Haggai 2.10-23
Speaker: Ed
Series: Haggai: Rebuilding


Days that changed the world

1. The First Change
 a) from defiled people (Haggai 2.10-14)
 b) to blessed people (Haggai 2.15-19)

2. The Second Change
 a) removing foreign kings (Haggai 2.20-22)
 b) restoring the LORD’s king (Haggai 2.23)

Haggai 2.1-9 – Rebuilt Temple

Bible passage: Haggai 2.1-9
Speaker: Ed
Series: Haggai: Rebuilding


1. The Temple
 a) The LORD Almighty’s Presence (Haggai 2.4-5)
 b) The LORD Almighty’s Glory (Haggai 2.6-8)
 c) The LORD Almighty’s Peace (Haggai 2.9)

2. The Transformation
 a) For the Remnant
 b) In Jesus
 c) In the New Creation