John 13.1-17 – Do You Understand What I Have Done For You?

Bible passage: John 13.1-17
Speaker: Tristan
Series: Summer: Questions Jesus Asked



1. Jesus’ cleansing demonstrated (John 13.1-5)

2. Jesus’ cleansing explained (John 13.6-12)

3. Jesus’ cleansing lived out (John 13.13-17)

Titus 2 – Godly Relationships

Bible passage: Titus 2
Speaker: Tristan
Series: Titus: How to be Godly


Healthy Harold

1. Healthy (Titus 2.1)
 a) Older men (Titus 2.2)
 b) Older women (Titus 2.3-4)
 c) Young women (Titus 2.4-5)
 d) Young men (Titus 2.6-8)
 e) Workers (Titus 2.9-10)

2. The grace-based diet (Titus 2.11-15)

Haggai 2.1-9 – Rebuilt Blessing

Bible passage: Haggai 2.10-23
Speaker: Ed
Series: Haggai: Rebuilding


Days that changed the world

1. The First Change
 a) from defiled people (Haggai 2.10-14)
 b) to blessed people (Haggai 2.15-19)

2. The Second Change
 a) removing foreign kings (Haggai 2.20-22)
 b) restoring the LORD’s king (Haggai 2.23)